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WISH Talks: COVID-19 and Policy + Implementation

We continue our series of video conversations around the three main prongs of our MacArthur 100&Change Top 100 proposal—The WISH Revolution: Women-Inspired Strategies for Health.

This week, we sat down virtually with two WISH collaborators, Dr. Gavin Yamey and Dr. Osondu Ogbuoji of the Center for Policy Impact in Global Health at Duke University, to learn more about their work and the intersection of COVID-19 and policy issues related to preventable diseases.

The interview goes “live” tomorrow (Wednesday, April 22nd) at 2pm, but before then, we want to provide a preview of the conversation.

We focused on 4 questions:

1. Talk about your experience and role with COVID-19

Dr. Gavin Yamey, Director of the Center for Policy Impact in Global Health, has been a part of a team that has been working on pandemic preparedness for the last four years.

Dr. Osondu Ogbuoji, Assistant Research Professor at DGHI and Deputy Director at the Center for Policy Impact in Global Health, works directly in improving access to healthcare for vulnerable populations in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Sri Lanka, India, and Myanmar.

Both Dr. Yamey and Dr. Ogbuji, are heavily involved in media appearances on local, national, and global levels. They shared with us their excitement for being able to be a part of these projects saying, “ There is a real thirst for good public health information at this time. It is a good way for us to disseminate knowledge about what we’re doing.”

2. How do you think COVID-19 both positively and negatively impacts other types of care such as cervical cancer?

3. What do you envision the healthcare landscape will look like in the post-COVID-19 era?

4. What is something the general public can do to support COVID-19 response efforts?

We left this conversation feeling invigorated and encouraged. We are hopeful that you will feel the same after watching this “WISH Talks” interview. We continue to refuse to let social distancing deteriorate our sense of community. Tune in tomorrow at 2pm to hear the full conversation from Dr. Ogbuji and Dr. Yamey!



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