Women-Inspired Strategies for Healthcare (WISH) is a partnership between GWHT and global collaborators to empower marginalized women with the knowledge, innovative clinical tools, and confidence to take control of their health and kickstart a worldwide movement against cervical cancer.

Ignite empowers students to connect STEM concepts to social innovation through the human-centered design process. This GWHT project is a holistic approach to health, because it places the well-being of students and their communities at the forefront of education.


The (In)visible Organ is GWHT's storytelling initiative to destigmatize the cervix and the female reproductive anatomy in research, design, and medicine.

Calla Health, a GWHT venture, is centered on sustainably improving women's access to cancer prevention and creating innovations that increase wide scale surveillance of cervical pre-cancers and cancers.

Zenalux is GWHT's biomedical diagnostics small business, founded in 2006. Zenalux’s goal is to make optical spectroscopy easy for medical practitioners who are interested in real-time, non-destructive biological tissue diagnostics.