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The Premiere of the (In)visible Organ Documentary

A rendering of the Callascope

On January 14th, our Center was lucky enough to co-host the premiere screening of The (In)visible Organ, a documentary following the journey of the Callascope. The Callascope is an instrument that reimagines the gynecological exam as we know it, eliminating the need for the speculum and enabling users to have more autonomy over their bodies. This documentary not only showcases the story of the callascope itself, but also the story of women, as they fight the shame and stigma that surrounds women’s reproductive health and cervical cancer.

The documentary was incredibly well-received, inspiring comments in the live premiere chat such as, “Wow! This is public health!” and “So inspiring… I’m amazed at the work that’s gone into developing these tools!”

Kareemah Abdusamad shares during the film, “No matter how long you live after a diagnosis… you did live.”

Following the documentary, we hosted a short Zoom open forum where viewers could respond to the film and interact with the film’s director and producer, Andrea Kim. Participants had the opportunity to learn more about her creative process, and what inspired her to create the documentary.

“It started very organically. I was in the car with Libby Dotson, who you saw in the film, and she had this little stress ball-like toy that looked almost like a pink donut. I asked her what it was and she said it was the cervix. I was interested in this part of my body that I had never even seen or learned much about before, and it really developed from there.”

-Andrea Kim, director and producer

The film captures the Callascope going through a round of clinical studies at Duke Hospital.

The film is just one way that The (In)visible Organ organization is working to make the cervix, the invisible organ, visible.


Use the links below to further interact with the (In)visible Organ Documentary:

The Documentary will be available on YouTube for two weeks, as a way of recognizing Cervical Cancer Awareness Month.

Learn more about hosting a screening of the documentary with your organization by connecting with the (In)visible Organ or using this screening guide.

On January 28th at 4pm EST, the Center for Global Women’s Health Technologies and the Calla Campaign will host a Documentary Discussion event with a panel of experts in women’s health, including members of the film’s cast. This event is free and open to everyone. RSVP here.

Learn more about the (In)visible Organ at their website,



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