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GWHT’s 2021 Year in Review

The year is coming to a close, and the staff and students of the Center for Global Women’s Health Technologies are reflecting on all we have accomplished. Between research, innovations and community engagement, there is much to celebrate as we close out 2021!


Ignite at the Museum of Life and Science

"I am most proud of our Ignite in-person facilitation with new partners at the Museum of Life and Science.”

— Megan Madonna,

Assistant Director of Education


“I’m most proud of publishing my first co-author paper with Rob! My non-lab related accomplishment I am most proud of is throwing caution to the wind and dyeing my hair purple.”

— Erika Chelales,

Graduate Student


“This summer I designed and implemented a course to teach high schoolers about how we use light as a tool for research. The course was conducted over Zoom, so in an effort to bring the lab into the home, I designed a mobile spectroscopy kit and had students run experiments using samples they could find in their own homes.”

— Riley Deutsch,

Graduate Student

Riley’s Mobile Spectroscopy Kit & Zoom Course


“I published my first first-author paper this April!”

— Roujia Wang,

Graduate Student


“I am most proud of organizing the Summer of Storytellers Art Exhibit with Alexandria. It was awesome to hear from local artists and storytellers and see their stories about women’s health/ global health shared around Gross Hall.”

— Ashley White,

Communications Specialist

A few of the pieces displayed at the Summer of Storytellers Exhibit


“I published my first research publication as a first-author!”

— Júlia Sroda Agudogo,

Graduate Student


“I built and setup two computers with graphical processing units (GPUs) to help the lab train deep learning algorithms.”

— Erica Skerrett, Graduate Student

Victoria’s Prelim Presentation

“I am most proud of passing my prelim!”

— Victoria D’Agostino,

Graduate Student



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