There are several ways for undergraduate students to get involved with the Center for Global Women's Health Technologies. Because GWHT strives to provide meaningful experiences, students should plan to work with GWHT for a minimum of three semesters.

The Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program

This fellowship is open to graduating PhDs in biomedical engineering and related physical science disciplines. Candidates must demonstrate substantial research experience and commitment to biomedical engineering research. Post-doctoral fellows will have the opportunity to engage in a variety 

of research, educational and entrepreneurial activities as well as develop grant writing, project management and mentoring skills. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Please email Marlee Krieger to apply. 

Your email must include:

  • You full name, address, and appropriate contact information 

  • Your resume 

  • Two letters of recommendation

  • A one-page statement of your professional goals and research interests

Describe your image

Describe your image


If you are not interested in applying for the Post-Doctoral Fellowship at this time, but would like to stay involved with GWHT, please contact Ashley Deans.

Opportunities for Post-Doctorals