Opportunities for Post-Baccalaureates   

Due to COVID-19, post-bac application decisions are currently being postponed until January of 2021.
The Calla Post-Bac Fellow Program 

The Calla Post-Bac Fellowship program is for the exceptional, early-career individual with an interest in solving women's health problems globally through various channels including research, technology development and commercialization, women's health empowerment and STEM outreach. The fellowship 

is open to graduating seniors and recent graduates who have received a bachelor's degree from an accredited U.S. college or university. Candidates must demonstrate commitment to research, STEM education and/or women's health empowerment. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Please email Marlee Krieger to apply. 

Your email must include:

  • You full name, address, and appropriate contact information 

  • Your resume 

  • Two letters of recommendation

  • A one-page statement of your professional goals and research interests


If you are not interested in applying for the Calla Fellowship at this time, but would like to stay involved with GWHT, please contact Ashley Deans.