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Ignite Makers Win at International Science and Engineering Fair

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

By Hamdy Inusah

Makers Josie and Mason presenting their hydroponic system and research poster.

Ignite’s Maker Team, Josie and Mason, focusing on water scarcity recently traveled to the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) in Atlanta, GA. The Water team presented their design to reuse gray water to support a hydroponic system to grow sustainable produce. The team was awarded in their category at this international fair, which featured 1,750 young scientists representing 49 states and 63 countries, regions and territories across the world.

Ignite Makers, Ignite’s human-centered design initiative for high school students, guided 10 students throughout the school year. Similar to the Ignite Learners program, Ignite Makers focuses on designing engineering solutions to local problems surrounding light, water, or health; however, in Ignite Makers, students are challenged to research and formulate their own problem statement in which to design for. This open-ended problem solving resulted in a variety of human-centered solutions to issues surrounding water scarcity, mental health, and neuropathy to name a few.

Congrats to Mason and Josie on a great year with Ignite!



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